01 August 2022
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Goran shared this photo on his Instagram, and it has fast become one of my favourite images of him. When that happens, I like to make a desktop wallpaper, and since I'm sure all of his other fans love this photo too, I thought I'd share it with you guys.

The quote used is from Goran's interview in 2020 with Deepest Dream about his film Fátima. Here is the quote in full:

"You just question the message. And the message is pure. The message is you need to love each other and you need to pray more. It didn’t even say which religion you need to pray more. It’s a meditation. It’s a positive thing. It’s a message of love and tolerance. In our society unfortunately, it is needed. We always need more encouragement to become better people."


I haven't had a lot of time or energy to work on the next chapter of The Road Less Traveled. But I have been revising the outline, and coming up with new ideas that I think might work in the story. I've also been doing "think" work on my next epic-length Garcy fic, Tabula Rasa <--- which I cannot wait to get started on. Like, there have been nights when I can't sleep that I start to think about that story, and want to give up on getting a couple hours of 'sleep' in order to turn on my laptop and write. Of course, I didn't do that because I get at most 20 hours of sleep a week, and I need all the rest I can get, but still... I love TRLT, but I began Tabula Rasa in June 2018, and it is my baby. And if you missed it, I published a very, very rough draft of Tabula Rasa's Prologue to AO3 back in June. If you read it, let me know what you think. I thrive off of feedback and reader comments (which often inspire me to add little details into my stories, based off of your reactions). I'm getting ready to move from one apartment to another, but as soon as I get settled in my new place, I plan on being more disciplined with writing, and hope to get at least a couple new chapters of TRLT to you guys before the end of 2022.

I also am happy to announce that both Team Garcy and the Goran Višnjić Archive fansites are 100% back online. I wasn't sure enough people cared to help get the sites back online, but y'all surprised me. Thank you to everyone who supports GVA and TG in any way possible. And if you would like to donate funds to help keep GVA and TG online, you can do so here.

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The Road Less Traveled (chs 21/30)
Garcia Flynn has been locked up in prison for six weeks. With Rittenhouse set on killing him, an unexpected visitor sets forth a new path that Lucy hadn't written about in her journal.
Tabula Rasa (Prologue Only) When Garcia Flynn was a boy, his memory of Lucy Preston had been fleeting.

As he got older, it became apparent that his memories of her weren’t figments of his imagination. They had actually happened to him at various points in time – in the past, and the future.
Saying Goodbye Was Never Going To Be Easy The war with Rittenhouse is over, and Garcia has to go back to prison.


Never Enough Nothing Else Matters A Storm Is Comin'


  • The Road Less Traveled
    Chapter 22: A Promise Broken

    The re-imagining of Timeless season 2 continues following Rittenhouse's attack on the bunker. Garcia's plan for him and Lucy to take a break looks to be shut down. While grocery shopping with Maria, Lucy is approached by a mysterious stranger that brings both good and bad news about the future. And promises Garcia made to Lucy are threatened once again to be broken. Read The Road Less Traveled from the beginning on AO3.
  • Tabula Rasa
    A multi-chapter Timeless/Garcy story where we join the characters near the end of season 2. The story explores the consequences of traveling within your own timeline.
  • The Truth Untold (BTS)
    A Timeless/Garcy fanvid
  • Come What May (Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor)
    A Timeless/Garcy fanvid

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