18 November 2022
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Sometime this year, YouTube removed two of my Timeless/Garcy fanvids from my channel: Nothing Else Matters, and Take Five. Since you can't watch them there anymore, I decided to archive those videos here at BSG. Just click on the graphics below to enjoy. And just in case YouTube removes any of my other eleven fanvids without notifying me (rude!), I've also backed up all my other fanvids as well. Unfortunately, you can't give my BSG archived videos a ♥ or comment, but if you enjoy them, I would appreciate it if you sent me an email to let me know ( Thank you so much!

Nothing Else Matters
Scala & Kolacny Brothers
Take Five
Dave Brubeck Quartet

17 November 2022

It's almost the end of the year which means: holiday stress. I'm still hoping to get at least two more chapters of The Road Less Traveled up on AO3 by mid-December, but if both of these chapters aren't ready to go before then, I'm going to wait until January because chapters 23 and 24 were originally one singular looooooong chapter, and IMO, they work best when read back-to-back without a long hiatus. Fingers crossed that I can get them up.

I'm also working on my own little Garcy Not-So-Secret Santa holiday fic for the Garcy Shipmas thing that I'm trying over at Team Garcy. I don't really expect people to participate, but I'm attempting to include some of the holiday prompts within the holiday prompts that I've been sent to work with for my own Garcy Not-So-Secret Santa fic. I'm struggling a bit with it, but I'm about 2/3 of the way done with the first draft, and I already know what scenes and dialog I need to cut so that it works better, so chances are high that this fic will be up on AO3 near Christmas next month. Yay.

Also, heads up! I'm going to try to ween myself off of social media (mainly Twitter, and Tumblr) in the coming months. Those two platforms have just become too triggering to me, and I don't have fun on them, and then with the lack of interaction... I just don't see the point of working to keep them active. If I make new fanworks, I'll probably post to share, but probably nothing else - fingers crossed. If you need to get ahold of me, use my email address - since I rarely check DMs on Instagram anymore.

I added all 28 Timeless episode posters that I did for last month's Timeless Month.

02 November 2022

The Road Less Traveled - Chapter 22:
"A Promise Broken"

Rating: M
Words: 38,491

Lucy catches Garcia in a lie in the aftermath of Rittenhouse destroying the Time Team's bunker, and later she gets to tell him all about an interesting encounter she had at the grocery store earlier that day. And then... Rittenhouse takes out all six of their time machines.

[ read on AO3 ]

Dear Readers of TRLT,

The events that unfold from chapter 22 through chapter 24 I consider THE catalyst events (big and small) that lead up to the final chapters of The Road Less Traveled. It is going to be a rough time for a bit, and I guarantee that you will feel feelings that you won't like, and that could make you uncomfortable. But - and not to be spoilery - as promised in my story tags on AO3, remember that "Happy Ending," and "Garcy Gets A Happy Ending," and "Slow Burn HEA," and "rape will not happen in this story," and "sexytime scenes will lean towards that E rating," and "long-winded explicit scenes - fwiw" are accurate. But I want you to remember especially that The Road Less Traveled is a guaranteed Garcy HEA, so hang in there. IMO, the upcoming angst makes everything so much sweeter in the end.

Both chapters 23 and 24 are in full-draft stages, and only need to go through my editor, and then my final edits before they are ready to be published to AO3. The goal is to bring those two chapters to you one week, and then the next before the end of the year. Yes, two chapters back-to-back <--- because originally chapters 23 and 24 were one (very long, too long) singular chapter - they work best when read as consecutively as possible.


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A little bit of angst when Garcia opens up to Lucy about his experience during a tragic event in American history, and then back to the bunker to celebrate Christmas Eve.

Coming Xmas 2022

The Road Less Traveled (chs 22/31)
Garcia Flynn has been locked up in prison for six weeks. With Rittenhouse set on killing him, an unexpected visitor sets forth a new path that Lucy hadn't written about in her journal.
Tabula Rasa (Prologue Only) When Garcia Flynn was a boy, his memory of Lucy Preston had been fleeting.

As he got older, it became apparent that his memories of her weren’t figments of his imagination. They had actually happened to him at various points in time – in the past, and the future.


Never Enough Nothing Else Matters A Storm Is Comin'


  • Alone (fanfic)
    A little bit of angst when Garcia opens up to Lucy about his experience during a tragic event in American history, and then back to the bunker to celebrate Christmas Eve.
  • The Road Less Traveled
    Chapter 23: Love, and Everything It Entails

    The re-imagining of Timeless season 2 continues with Garcia's reaction to having lied to Lucy about her sister's death. With Lucy and Garcia's relationship falling apart, Rittenhouse sends one of their own to obtain visual confirmation that Lucy is indeed alive and well in 2017. Read The Road Less Traveled from the beginning on AO3.
  • The Road Less Traveled
    Chapter 24: Untitled

    The reimagining of Timeless season 2 continues.
  • The Road Less Traveled
    Chapter 25: Le Cygne

    The reimagining of Timeless season 2 continues.
  • Life Spiral (fanfic)
    Garcy figure skating AU - Lucy Preston is a former champion figure skater turned coach, Garcia Flynn is a widower looking to help his daughter Iris, realise her dream of competing in the Winter Olympics.
  • Tabula Rasa (fanfic)
    A multi-chapter Timeless/Garcy story where we join the characters near the end of season 2. The story explores the consequences of traveling within your own timeline.
  • Come What May (Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor)
    A Timeless/Garcy fanvid
  • Zombie (The Void)
    A Timeless/Garcy fanvid
  • The Truth Untold (BTS)
    A Timeless/Garcy fanvid
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