20 March 2023
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I've finally updated this site with my newest Photoshop fanart. The Garcyfus desktop wallpaper (1080p) is also available on 87 products over on Redbubble. As is the Garcy poster next to it (on the right) below ♥ I did have the B&W/Red Garcy/Chinatown/我爱你 graphic on Redbubble, but CBS (yeah, I know... whaaaa?) had it removed for copyright for the TV series I Love Lucy, so... I wasn't going to put it up on this site, but since it was removed from Redbubble, I decided to add it here so y'all could see it. Anyway, I also have a few new digital paintings, and a Garcy manip added today. Enjoy the art, and if Redbubble is your thing check it out, and if you buy anything - thank you, thank you, thank you!

My favourite screen capture of Garcy from The World's Columbian Exposition, and an I ♥ Flereal design are the newest graphics that I've made available at my Redbubble store.

I think anyone who knows me even a little, knew that a Flereal graphic (especially an I ♥ Flereal graphic) would be added, right?

Fingers crossed that CBS doesn't think they're from I Love Lucy, and have them removed. Haha!


No new news about when chapter 24 of The Road Less Traveled will be up on AO3. I'm still having some issues with writing chapter 25, but my biggest problem with writing right now is focus and discipline. I find when I sit down to write that my mind travels elsewhere, and I'm just distracted <--- that and I started a The X-Files (only the episodes I think are good/worth watching <--- out of 11 seasons) rewatch, and I'm currently in the middle of season 4 which is my favourite season, so... I'm watching these episodes and thinking "what if I wrote a Garcy fanfic X-Files AU where it's Garcia and Lucy as FBI agents, investigating paranormal cases... and the more I think about it, the more I want to write it, but OMGosh, I need to finish writing TRLT first LOL

And don't forget to check out my Timeless/Garcy/Garcia Flynn/Goran Visnjic Redbubble Store. I added five new designs to it the other day, and I'm thinking to try to create some for Team Karl ♥ <--- someone remind me to do Karl graphics because I'm typing this at 2am, and I'm not sure I'll remember.

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The Road Less Traveled (chs 23/31)
Garcia Flynn has been locked up in prison for six weeks. With Rittenhouse set on killing him, an unexpected visitor sets forth a new path that Lucy hadn't written about in her journal.
The Last Antebellum Dance
With the announcement that the Civil War has begun, the ballroom at an elegant plantation mansion has emptied, leaving Lucy Preston alone.
It's Christmas Eve-Eve, so of course, Rittenhouse takes the Mothership to New York City on 26 February 1993 - the World Trade Center bombing. After the team returns from the mission, Denise announces the team can go home to visit their families for the holiday. Without family to go to, Garcia and Lucy find themselves alone in the bunker on Christmas Eve.


Never Enough Nothing Else Matters A Storm Is Comin'


  • The Road Less Traveled
    Chapter 24: Untitled

    The reimagining of Timeless season 2 continues. Read The Road Less Traveled from the beginning on AO3.
  • Life Spiral (fanfic)
    Garcy figure skating AU - Lucy Preston is a former champion figure skater turned coach, Garcia Flynn is a widower looking to help his daughter Iris, realise her dream of competing in the Winter Olympics.
  • Tabula Rasa (fanfic)
    A multi-chapter Timeless/Garcy story that begins in Timeline Zero, rewrites seasons 1 and 2, and beyond. The story explores the consequences of traveling within your own timeline. You can read a very, very rough draft of the story's Prologue on AO3.
  • Come What May (Nicole Kidman, Ewan McGregor)
    A Timeless/Garcy fanvid
  • Zombie (The Void)
    A Timeless/Garcy fanvid
  • The Truth Untold (BTS)
    A Timeless/Garcy fanvid
  • New site: Timeless Fansite

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